Services & Solutions

Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Roofs
We are industry leaders in low-slope roofing systems such as single-ply, built-up, modified bitumen, and other roof assemblies. These larger scale systems employ the latest technologies for providing long-term durability and service.

Roofing / Building Envelope Assessments
We maintain the latest expertise in the investigation and evaluation, forensics, planning, budgeting, repair recommendations, commissioning, and contract administration for building walls, roofs, and foundations. Our focus is on solving current problems and accurately forecasting repairs and capital costs.

LEED® Expertise & Sustainable Facility Solutions
We stay updated on the latest Green building and O&M concepts so we can offer our LEED® Accredited expertise to develop sustainable roofing and facility solutions as part of your facility management plan or as a member of your project design and construction team.

Leak Detection & Moisture Surveys
We employ various state-of-the art technologies to perform diagnostics of roof components. The investigation process can entail water intrusion, air infiltration, vapor drive, wind uplift, and energy efficiency. Our methods include non-destructive testing and observation, coring and probing, and other specialized computation, analysis, and reporting.

Life Cycle Costing & Value Engineering
We provide ROI and comparative systems alternatives to assist you in the financial planning of a new roofing project or a roof replacement. We excel at helping you make the best decision for your budget and performance requirements.

Design/Build Solutions & Specifications
Our project management approach ensures the success of the final product by employing an open and collaborative process to investigate, analyze, and solve your individual needs from project initiation through design to final closeout.

Architectural Sheetmetal
We coordinate and execute the critical architectural sheetmetal details to ensure that your roof system performs as it was designed.

Tenant Improvements
We design and install the proper flashing details for the integrated installation of HVAC and other rooftop equipment into the roof system.

Green Vegetated Roofing Systems
We are experts on the design of "green" roofs where storm water runoff, air quality, reduction of urban heat island effect, and energy savings are critical project goals. Ask us how a green roof could work for you.

Solar Power Integrated Systems
We are committed to renewable energy and environmental responsibility and can show you the cost benefit analysis of the latest developments in roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panels and thin film solar technologies.

Emergency Service & Repair
When your assets are at risk, we provide rapid response to your request. In addition, we perform ongoing comprehensive repairs, periodic preventative maintenance, planning, and recordkeeping to extend the life of your roof investment and protect your personnel, equipment, and inventory.

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